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Let’s Get Ready to Set Sail with Sue Silverstein!

Posted about 4 years ago by Dorotea Murphy

Sue Silverstein, MS, BSN, RN, CRNI, is well known to our Greater Chicago INS Chapter. She is the past president of the chapter from 2012-2014, INS Chapter President of the Year award recipient (2014), and current Presidential Advisor. She and her husband are about to embark on a new chapter in their life, and perform missionary work on the Mercy Ships.

For 30+ years, the Mercy Ships have brought hope and healing to the poor communities of the world. The Mercy Ships are the world's largest civilian hospital ships that provide free, basic healthcare and surgeries, and healthcare training to developing countries.

Sue always wanted to be a missionary nurse. Sue began investigating missionary work, and explored the Mercy Ships website. She met Patrick and Diana Bergstrom, Chaplains on the Mercy Ships. They spoke to the congregation at her church, and that inspired her to pursue this path.

According to Sue, much preparation goes into preparing for missionary work. She had to get her household affairs in order, as well as attend training. Sue attended eight weeks of training, including two weeks in Haiti for a short term mission trip.

Sue is waiting to leave for West Africa, but is delayed due to the Ebola virus. She will share her experiences from onboard the ship which will be posted on our website. On behalf of the chapter, we wish Sue and her husband the best of luck in West Africa!



Ann Marie Morici over 3 years ago

Sue, stay safe and wish you lots of luck in pursuing your dream. Ann Marie Morici

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